Kitty Boy looking for someone to spend his nine lives with, Meet Cat Lovers
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Kitty Boy looking for someone to spend his nine lives with

Meow! That’s hello in cat :) My name is Kevin, but my friends call me Pussy Boy. I am single father of a beautiful little kitten named Button. Speaking of buttons, I know all the right “buttons” to press to make your kitty happy if you catch my drift.

You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow if you don’t think I’m one of the biggest cat lovers you will ever meet. I always land on my feet, love milk, am easily distracted by laser pointers and might purr if you give a good back massage.

I love cats so much that people always ask, “Kev, if you love cats so much why don’t you marry them?” and I say “Hey, I would, but it’s illegal”. So I’ve turned to the next best thing, looking for someone who loves kitties as much as I do.

My purr-pose in life is to find a cat mother to spend the rest of our nines lives together.

My ideal catwoman isn’t like the super hero (although I wouldn’t mind that suit in the bedroom), but is a down to earth kitty lover who isn’t afraid to clean a litter box or cough up a hairball every once in a while (I am a very hairy man). She must be declawed. I’m just kittin’ of course, I’ll be your scratching post ;) If this sounds like you, it would be purr-fect if you messaged me right meow.
If the cat hasn’t got your tongue, let me get it ;)

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